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Unlock the Precise Strategies Used by 14,555 Website Owners to Transform Their Ideas into Reality

Turn Your Idea Into Income Faster

Create Your Own Code Without Having to Code

Is this You?

 Feeling trapped between spending a fortune on your dream site or just tweaking a few bits on the cheap? 🚀 Skyrocket Your Site with "The Wix Velo Millionaire" Course – No Coding? No Problem! 🖥️

We've all been there. It's like, do you splash the cash, spend ages, or deal with the disappointment of past flops?

Why's it all so complicated? 😰 Fear of costs skyrocketing? Exhausted from the endless search for the right partner, only to be let down?

Here's a Game-Changer: 🌟 Imagine ditching the need for coding skills to bring your website dreams to life. What if you could do it all with the simplicity and speed you've never thought possible? Well, guess what?

Welcome to "The Wix Velo Millionaire" course, your new secret weapon. Say goodbye to pausing your dreams, stressing over costs, or feeling torn between projects. 🛑➡️🚀

Transform Your Web Creation Experience: 🛠️ For anyone who's ever felt a tad lost or overwhelmed by coding, this is for you. We'll guide you through using Velo by Wix, a powerhouse tool that does the heavy lifting. Imagine adding cool features to your site, all without typing a single line of code.

✅ Instant results: Say goodbye to waiting. Our approach is fast, allowing you to get creative, implement, and test on the fly.

✅ Always here to help: Stuck on something? No stress. Our team is on standby 24/7, ready to support you through calls and unlimited emails. 📞📧

Exclusive Offer Alert: 🎉 By jumping on the pre-registration for "The Wix Velo Millionaire," you'll lock in special access to 3 personalized calls a month and endless email support – features that'll be premium-only post-launch.

Dive into a world where website development isn't a barrier but a launchpad for your ideas. 🌍✨ With "The Wix Velo Millionaire," no coding experience? Absolutely no problem. You're not just learning; you're revolutionizing how you create. Join us, and let's transform your vision into reality, and your ideas into income, faster and with more fun than ever before. 💼💸

SESSION 1: Introduction to The Wix Velo Millionaire - Code Free secrets.

Foundational knowledge about the platforms and tools.

SESSION 2: Selecting the right AI tool according to your website needs.

Understanding the main differences to use the right tool

SESSION 3: Set Up a Your Own Custom AI agent, add knowledge base & train it to work for you.

We will create your own AI agent, train it and customize it for your needs by adding all the documentation provided in the arcade. 

SESSION 4:  Learning element names & terms to speak the AI language.

How to ask for the right questions so you can get the best results.

SESSION 5: Replicate Custom functionalities & test.

You will learn how to create custom functionalities & test them.

SESSION 6: Create Your Own Functionalities.

Start creating your custom functionalities for your website.

BONUS: Sell Your Skills

Learn how to sell your new skills and help others while you discover new avenues.

What's inside

"The Wix Velo Millionaire"

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